Mad Media Remote goes LIVE!

by Kurt Evenepoel 26 February 2011 11:33
A month ago I dedicded to go self-employed, and life has been hectic since, trying to take care of everything. I've started a new company, and now my first public app has been released for the Windows 7 Phone. Mad Media Remote is a new product of my company Mad Savant, and its just been approved on... [More]

Windows Phone 7 Appstore: Submission in progress

by Kurt Evenepoel 18 January 2011 21:52
Note to beginning submitters: "submission in progress" is the stage that precedes "testing in progress".  If you stay on that for too long, return and check if youve clicked "submit now", otherwise you can wait for a very long time!

Windows Phone 7 devices available

by Kurt Evenepoel 21 October 2010 11:47
As of today, Windows Phone 7 will be available as a purchase in Europe.  Theres phones available from Samsung, LG and HTC, for example from PDA Shop. Can I use the marketplace if no such marketplace exists for my coutry yet - Yes, but you have to set your billing address to an(y) address in t... [More]

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I've started my company called 'Mad Savant'.  We focus on world domination. Holding multiple MCPD's and passionate about .NET, Microsoft in general, patterns, practises and writing quality software, I'm an experienced senior developer and fledgeling architect, having over 4j experience in .NET and over 10y development experience in total.

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